Syntax for using ResultFromAction

Syntax for using ResultFromAction

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      I am trying to use ResultFromAction in a Custom Action where I perform the following:

      1. I create a new Invoice from an Entity I have setup already (This works).


      2. I want to use a result I should be getting back from this action called ScopeID that will be the new ID of the Invoice just created.  In SQL I am using SCOPE_IDENTITY() to pass back the new ID value.  This is working within SQL Mgmt Studio at least. I would like to use it as part of the next Operation where I pass that value as part of a GoToUrl string, where the next page is expecting “?InvoiceID=<ScopeID>”

      It appears that ResultFromAction can do what I need here, but I am not clear on how all the parts work together.  I tried the following:



        <ActionItem ID=”InvoiceProject” Text=”Invoice this project”>

         <Action Name=”CreateNewInvoice” Type=”ExecuteOperation” OpenURL=”CurrentWindow” Operation=”CreateNewInvoiceGetID.CreateNewInvoiceGetID” />

         <Action Name=”EditInvoice” Type=”GoToURL” URL=”/SiteAssets/EditInvoice.aspx” OpenURL=”CurrentWindow”>

          <Parameter Name=”InvoiceID” Source=”ResultFromAction” SourceName=”CreateNewInvoice.ScopeID” />




      <Toolbar />


      However this results in: The following error occurred: Parameter Source Name ‘CreateNewInvoice.ScopeID’ specifies a source ‘ScopeID’ that is not supported.

      I reviewed the documentation, but am still unclear on the syntax here.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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      I figured this out.  I found the documentation a bit lacking here.  Here are my findings:

      1. This doesn't appear to work with a qSIListForm, only qSIListView

      2. The Syntax is <ActionName>.OutParameter.<VariableName>.Value

      Once I do this I am able to use the returned value as a Parameter in an HTTP string.  So if the variable I have in my stored proceedure is @ScopeID, like above, and the ExecuteOpertaion name is "CreateER", then the syntax for the ResultFromAction would be "CreateER.OutParameter.ScopeID.Value".

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