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      This forum is for users and potential users of the Quest WebParts for SharePoint. The WebParts for SharePoint enable rapid and easy development of SharePoint applications. But don’t take my word for it, try them out at http://www.quest.com/web-parts-for-sharepoint/ Below is a quick list of the WebParts in our bundle. Look for more WebParts and enhanced WebParts soon! Systems Integration Web Parts (The data’s not in SharePoint? No problem)

      • Quest SI List View
      • Quest SI List Form
      • Quest SI Chart View
      • Quest SI Selector

      Data Viewer Web Parts (View your data like you’ve always wanted to)

      • Quest List View
      • Quest Calendar View
      • Quest Chart View
      • Quest Excel Viewer

      Data Entry Web Part (Sophisticated data entry — finally!)

      • Quest List Form

      Data Selector Web Parts (See only what you want to see)

      • Quest Selector
      • Quest Multi-Selector
      • Quest Item Display

      Navigation Web Parts (Get there faster)

      • Quest Panel Menu
      • Quest Cascading Menu
      • Quest Page Redirector

      Display Web Parts (Create polished applications)

      • Quest Caption Display
      • Quest Help Link

      Doug Davis, Product Director, SharePoint doug.davis@quest.com

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      I really like Todd Klindt's idea here of using SharePoint instead of email attachments.
      Quoting Todd:
      You've heard the old saying about how when all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Well, I'm a SharePoint guy, so every time I see something I think to myself, "How would I do that in SharePoint?"
      This would be trivial with Quest's List Form Web Part with no need to go into SharePoint designer to create a custom workflow. The Form View part has email built-in, so you could whip this out in less than no time.
      I guess my hammer of choice is SharePoint + Quest Web Parts.

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