what is the syntax for a multi-choice search string in qListView

what is the syntax for a multi-choice search string in qListView

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      I am just starting to come up to speed on Quest’s Web parts.  I did not find an existing discussion that covered my topic. 

      If there is such an existing discussion please point me to it.

      I am running in a SP 2007 environment that uses Quest Web parts version 5.2


      This question has to do with the qListView Web part.

      A SearchedFields sub-field of interest is currently set up to handle single value selection specifications.  This works correctly when a simple selection specifier (such as “1” w/o the quote marks) is entered.  This selection being set up by (a) selecting from the operator pull-down the “Exclude from search” option and (b) entering “1” in the comparison value field.

      I would like to change the SearchedFields sub-field entry definition so that I can enter a more complex search string.  The new string could, for example, specify that entries with corresponding sub-field values of either “1” or “2” are to be selected.

      I edited the desired sub-field within SearchFields and set the Enable Multi Choice option to “on”.

      When I exited out of the edit environemnt, the simple selection still worked.  The help information for the qListView object seems to indicate that a multi-choice search string should be of the form “a or b”.  When my selection specification is of the form “1 or 2” (with or w/o the quote marks) I get back no results.  There are records in the list being processed whose sub-field value is either a 1 or a 2.  I presume that the selection is failing because the selection syntax is incorrect.

      If the correct syntax for a multi-choice search string has already been documented, please point me to that documentation.  Otherwise, if someone could tell me what the syntax should look like I would be very grateful.

      Howard Holcombe

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