ER: Optimizations For Printing


ER: Optimizations For Printing


ER: Optimizations For Printing

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ER to add print options


We require reports to print well on paper/PDF etc. To support that, we have corrected several things in the qListView web parts for print optimization that we would like to see in future releases of the product.

@media print CSS optimization:
Avoid page breaks inside table rows
tr.rgRow, tr.rgGroupHeader {
 page-break-inside: avoid;
Prevent single lines of text to be left on previous page or get pushed to next page
tr.rgAltRow td, tr.rgRow td {
Keep first row after group row/heading together with the heading
.RadGrid .rgMasterTable tbody tr.rgGroupHeader{
 page-break-after: avoid;
Avoid page break between the details table listing child items
.rgDetailTable {
 page-break-before: avoid;

Table Header and Footer:
Our solutions also require proper HTML table header and footers that repeat on each printed page when users print from browser. Under Custom Display there is a Results Header, Body and Footer, which does not provide the functionality we are looking for. Instead, we need to be able to add additional rows (tr) elements to the rgMasterTable table header and footer elements.

Moreover, there is no tfoot element in the qListView web parts by default, and one only gets added when there is paging (tfoot tr rgPager), still with no option for user to add their own content.

In order to meet our requirements, the solution would have to allow us to add table row elements to the Header and Footer elements of a qListView web part. In addition to allowing us to include the current date as dynamic value (we currently do this using JavaScript).

As mentioned, we have a workaround which is custom CSS (included) and JavaScript to correct the deficiencies in the product. We do however like to remove the dependencies of custom code for basic print styles.

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