How do I create a list form?


How do I create a list form?


How do I create a list form?

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A general guide to creating list forms and the process is below.


After the information is consumed in the list form and the record is saved, there are several ways to change the consumed information. This is one way to do it.  

Let's say that we consume a Customer info to create Sales record. Now, we want to change the Customer information in the Sales record.  

1. In the list view for Sales record, create a fixed field like this.

2. When clicking the Change Customer link, the user will be redirected to the CustomerSelect.aspx.

3. The user will select a customer by clicking the Customer ID column. I assume that the Customer ID column is set up with LinkToSource=true.

4. The user will be redirected to CustomerChangeForm.aspx?ID=xx. CustomerChangeForm.aspx should contain a list form that consume the Customer information. When the user click the save button, the Customer information in the Sales record will be changed.

Please note that you can also put the Change Customer hyperlink in the display form or edit form of the Sales record. This requires you to write javascript to construct the hyperlink to "CustomerSelect.aspx?Source=CustomerChangeForm.aspx?ID=xx" because the ID part changes everytime you open different item. You'll see that the ID is being passed into the Display Form or Edit Form in the URL and you need to pick up this ID and construct the hyperlink for Change Customer dynamically using javascript.

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