How to use the ezLocaliser Translation Tool


How to use the ezLocaliser Translation Tool


How to use the ezLocaliser Translation Tool

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You want to localise the resources associated with QuickApps for SharePoint so that options, parameters and menu items within the tool will appear in your selected language and not the default English language.


To configure translation the following must be completed.

Please ensure you have taken a server backup and have performed testing in a live environment before committing these changes to your live, production environment:

  1. Install the ezLocalizer tool that is found inside the tools folder from the QuickApps (QA) installation media.
  2. Run the tool.
  3. Select File | New then select a folder and version of QA you are configuring for. Click OK.
  4. On the right-hand side of the window is a blue button "Select Languages". Click this button and add in the language you want to translate too. Click OK when you have selected your target language.
  5. Many groups of parameters will appear in the left-hand column. You can click on each of the sub-headings for each assembly and see the various parameters that can be changed.
  6. The "Name" is the reference to the context of the value and the "Invariant Value" is how the value appears within the tool.
  7. When you find the Invariant Value you want to translate you can click inside the corresponding field on the right-hand column underneath your chosen language to input the translation.
  8. If you want to search for values to change click on the Actions menu | Find.
  9. From this search pane you can type in various search strings to search for. The results of your search will be displayed in the right-hand pane for you to edit.
  10. When you have completed all translations click on the blue Save button above the right-hand pane.
  11. With the files saved you will now need to compile them into DLL assemblies. Click on the Actions menu | Compile
  12. A warning will appear to indicate if you have not completed all values. Click Yes to continue.
  13. On the compile screen the translation options allow two options for compilation of the files. Please choose "Overwrite the blank values with invariant values". This setting will replace any blank entries in the assembly with the original English text and avoid any missing entries.
  14. Click to select both files in the Compile Options part of the window.
  15. Click OK to compile the DLL files. They will be saved in the location you specified in step 3.
  16. You now must upload these new DLL files into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) of a web front-end (WFE) server where QA in installed.
  17. Click and drag the files from the folder in step 2 into the c:WindowsAssembly folder to install them into the GAC.
  18. Perform an iisreset on the WFE server.
  19. Your new translations will be available immediately for any site collection that is based on the language you translated. It will not be available to sites that were not created based on this language.
  20. If you have multiple languages that you wish to translate for then at step 4, select each language that you need and then use the drop-down menu in the right-hand pane to change the language in focus. When all language translation is complete for all languages you can then compile and upload these DLL files to the GAC.
  21. If you make a mistake with the translation and wish to modify it you can load the project within the ezLocalizer tool, modify the translation and then re-compile the DLL files to be uploaded into the GAC once again. Each time this is done you must remember to perform an iisreset for the QuickApps tool to access the new changes.

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