INTERNAL – How to troubleshoot Quest SI List View


INTERNAL – How to troubleshoot Quest SI List View


INTERNAL – How to troubleshoot Quest SI List View

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You receive error “The following error occured: An error occured while calling Web Service: Failed to build dynamic web services proxy assembly. Invalid service description imports for name space ‘WA.Core.devserver0108.Adventure.Works.SIDemo.T633408793521410800’: The data is invalid”.


This is just serve as a guide in how to troubleshoot the connectivity issue in Quest SI List View.

1. Check whether the user could open the URL for the HTTP EndPoint's WSDL in the web browser. If this cannot be open in the browser, check Authentication mode when creating the endpoint. We only need NTLM.

Another possibility of error when the user could not open the URL for the HTTP Endpoint in the browser:
- The name that is being used in the SITE attribute in CREATE ENDPOINT statement is not registered in the DNS or host file. In this case, the client machine will not be able to translate the name to IP address
- The user tries to use Kerberos and not setting it up properly. Kerberos authentication needs additional setup.

2. If the URL could be opened just fine in the browser, ask the user to open up the web.config and SI Configuration File in the Configuration Editor (can be accessed from Start > All Programs > Quest Software > Development Studio for SharePoint > Configuration Editor). Ask the user to click the SI Config tab. Then check the Authentication Mode that is specified in the System node. The easiest one to use is Windows Credential and the user must enter the correct domain name, user name and password when using Windows Credential. The user can also use Passthrough authentication mode. Passthrough will work just like that if the SharePoint server and the SQL Server are in the same machine. If the SharePoint Server and SQL Server are in different machine, Passthrough requires Kerberos authentication be setup in the SharePoint server and SQL Server HTTP Endpoint. Again, this requires additional setting. After checking the System node, ask the user to open up the Service node and check for the URL for the WSDL. Click the Test Connection button and you should see "Connection Successful" pops up. If not, one of the settings above must be incorrect.

If you get "Connection Successful", in general the settings in the SI config is done and you are ready to use the SI Web Parts.

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