INTERNAL – Support of Office 365


INTERNAL – Support of Office 365


INTERNAL – Support of Office 365

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Does QWP supports O365?

I was told it was certified for O365, but only in dedicated environments. (Non-shared)


We are in the process of getting approved for O365 for two customers at the same time.

The process involves Microsoft SPO team to review a high level definition document that outlines our technology and solutions that are to be deployed in Microsoft hosted SharePoint Online environment. The process will also utilize tool to inspect the code bits to identify any potential threat, from general coding analysis, security, performance to SharePoint specific issues.

Once approved, Microsoft will install QWP in SharePoint Online and their customers (and our QWP customers) will be able to use them. Microsoft SPO takes care of installation and maintenance – you can think of this as a dedicated plan where MS act as IT admin for end customers’ SharePoint environment by paying extra.

If you do not have a dedicated plan, you won’t be able to install QWP as it requires Farm administrator rights to deploy SharePoint solutions. I believe other plans offered by O365 grants you either Site Administrator or Site Collection Administrator rights and neither is sufficient to deploy QWP.

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