qListView LinkTo Open in New Window


qListView LinkTo Open in New Window


qListView LinkTo Open in New Window

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If a user wants to be able to open a document or LinkTo URL in a new window



This feature can be used to open documents or links from the qListView items in the view. Please note that the following feature will not work in version 5.7.

Please perform the following steps:

1) Open ezEdit for the qListView.
2) On the display tab, click EDIT for the display fields section.
3) click on the EDIT button next to the field NAME.
4) in the Link To field place this text: <%FilePath%>

5) Click OK, SAVE and then OK once again.
6) The document name will now appear as a hyperlink and when you click on the item it should open the document either in a separate window or inside the same window. This behaviour can be changed in the LinkTo properties for the field by changing the Open Link In drop-down box.

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