Suspect install issues


Suspect install issues


Suspect install issues

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The product is not performing as expected.  Suspected install issues.


Potential bad install.


Once you install QuickApps from any Web Front End you should see the QuickApps for SharePoint Management under General application settings in Central Admin.

If not, there may have been a bad install and you may need to try this:

Launch the MSI setup with the trace logging enabled for a debug log, browse from the command line to the location of the MSI and then launch the following command (replacing the setup_name.msi with the correct msi name, and once you each the error hit OK or cancel if OK is not available, and then either send the generated SA_setup.log for us to investigate or investigate on your own for clues first if you prefer.

msiexec.exe /i "setup_name.msi" /l*v c:SA_setup.log

The setup logs should clues as to what is going wrong.

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Potential bad install.

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