Case Study

Fixing Operational Glitches in a Healthcare Organization

Fixing Operational Glitches in a Healthcare Organization

Our customer serves hundreds of countries with its medical products and services. AgreeYa partnered with the healthcare organization to meet their growing need to pursue breakthrough technologies through research, collaborations, and partnerships around the world. They were struggling with disruptive operational challenges, including the high costs and overwhelming time consumption associated with custom development, and limited in-house resources. Unsurprisingly, these complications ultimately led to a concerning level of user frustration.

AgreeYa offered QuickApps as a technological solution to tackle all glitches. Through custom solutions including BI/reporting, form-based applications, a project management site, and a workflow-driven application, the customer would now be able to perform individual customizations on-demand, eliminating the dependency on IT for custom codes — resulting in an overall acceleration in development.